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31900 W Cactus Rd, Buckeye, Arizona 85354


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Beds0 Baths0 Garage0 Lot Size80 acres

Property Description

Up to 240 Acres available for a sand & gravel operation with a potential of 50 million tonnes of resource on the west bank of the Hassayampa River. situated In the Jurisdiction of Maricopa County. the county dedicated by decree a legal roadway access of 130ft along the section and the mid section lines. the property has a domestic well. high voltage and low voltage power lines nearby. this property is 2.5 miles west from the sun valley parkway, and adjoins C&W Mining a 100 acre site on the south line boundary. Once a permit is achieved this assemblage could have a $40M book valuation.

One mile of four-lane expressway takes 85,000 tons.

An average six-room house requires 90 tons.

Property Type Land

Property Status: For Sale


31900 W Cactus Rd, Buckeye, Arizona 85354

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